Sunday, July 5, 2020

Kiwi sport - Taekwondo

For the past six weeks we have been learning Taekwondo. We have learnt that taekwondo was developed in Korea and involves five tenants those being: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. We have learnt how to punch and kick and in our final session we were given the opportunity to break a board.

Here we are at our last session. We presented our master of taekwondo with thank you letters. We all hope that we get to do taekwondo again next year.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

First Week back in Level 2

This week is our first week back after lockdown. We were set a challenge this week by Miss Pryde for Te Reo. We had to record ourselves counting forwards and backwards to 10. Here are four of our students who had the confidence to enter the challenge.

On Friday we took part in a kahoot challenge. We had to answer 20 questions on numbers in Te Reo from 1-10. We played this game 3 times and each time we had different winners. We are looking forward to playing kahoot again next week.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Introduction to Room 6

Hi my name is Kaleb. I am half māori and Samoan. I like nerf guns. my friend is Marwan.

Lots of things make me laugh. My dog and my brother Leroy. I laugh when my dog bangs his head on the table and when he barks at the game twister. I laugh when my brother farts or when he falls on the trampoline.

I love my phone because I like to play a game where you kill zombies and you collect 100,000 coins when you get a headshot.

My favourite thing to do is to watch Sonic. I like to play it. It is fun. Sometimes I watch it.

Hi my name is AJ. I laugh when my cat attacks my sister and I love sports cars.

I am Mahdi. I like sport. My brother makes me laugh when he makes funny faces.

I love my mum's phone. I play my games. You have to kill spiders and monsters.

My favourite thing is going to the mountain with my dad.

I am Roman. I am Māori and my friend is Jenesis.

I like to play with my dogs and fight with my dogs.

Hi my name is Valencia. I am samoan. I like playing games. my friend is Ele.

Lots of things make me laugh. When my rabbit did funny dances and my cat came in the show.

My favorite place to go to is the park. I make friends at the park.

Hi I'm Jenesis. I am Cook Island. I like doing back flips. my friend is Esten.

Lots of things make me laugh. my dog makes me laugh. he lands on me.

I love my dog he is cute. I love my iPad too. I love the games, it is cool!

Hi my name is Marwan. I am Australian. I like to play outside. My friend is Kaleb.

lots of things make me laugh. my cat went on the fence, she fall down and I laugh. When I went outside again I was looking at my cat. My cat got scared again I laugh and laugh.

I love my motorbike because when I was ready my dad called me. I switch the key on. I went super fast. I stop the key and it stopped.

My favourite movie is racing car.

Hi my name is Ele. I am Tongan. I like school. My friend is Mele. 

Lots of things make me laugh like my sister Atu. She makes the love heart beat and she makes funny faces.

I love my nana because she makes me laugh and she sings songs to me in English.

Hi my name is Malosi and I am samoan. I like singing Samoan songs. my friend is Darius.

What makes me laugh is when I get hurt. it hurts but it's funny.

I love my tablet because it has games. The most game I like is block mango. It has servers and the most server I like is Lucky block, you have to break and block.

My favourite thing to watch is Nickalodian because it have sponge bob. He is funny he makes me laugh everyday. Some movies make me laugh but sponge bob makes me laugh the most.

Hi my name is Loa. I am a New Zealander. I like to run. My friend is Marcel.

Today Me and Darius are going to play shark water with Malosi at the park. We will have fun.

Lots of things make me laugh. Yesterday my brother made me laugh, then I laugh and laugh. He tickles me.

My favourite game is shark attack. I play shark attack with AJ at the park.

I am Tonga. I like playing. My friend is Curtis.

Hi my name is Taisorn. I am Marwan's friend. 
My dad tickles me it makes me laugh. My dad tickles me when I go to bed and when I go to home too.

I like sport because it is cool and I go fast. My favourite thing to watch on TV is cartoons.

Hi my name is Marcel. I am Australian. I like candies. My friend is Loa.

Lots of things make me laugh like when my nana tickles me.  

I love my family because we were having a big stage with lots of things.

My favourite place to go is the party and at the party his name was Grou. 

Hi my name is Mele. I am Tongan. I like maths. My friend is Semi.
Lots of things make me laugh. My mum make me laugh and my dad make me laugh. They tickle my tummy.
I love maths and my mum and my country. My friend in school is Ele and Semi.

I am Curtis. I am Māori. I like building. My friend is Tonga.
I love my mum and my baby.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Should have gone to...

In room 3 we read a book named 'Scarecrows in space' this was a factual book about how to make scarecrows. We took this idea and further researched how to make scarecrows. Our movie is based around a popular advert that made it easy to incorporate our scarecrows as the stars.

We had lots of fun making our scarecrows and our movie.


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Room 3 Term 2 Week 1 Winners

In room 3 we are all winners at our learning but here are some students who have achieved the top results this week.

completed set reading books to 100%

Gold - Zai lett

Silver - Hasna

Bronze - Roger & Shaun

Spelling vocabulary:
writing as many words as possible in 10 minutes

Gold - Kaysorn

Silver - Aron

Bronze - Zai lett

Maths equations:
writing as many equations as possible in 15 minutes

Gold -  Zai lett

Silver - Aileen

Bronze - Aron

Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to make a dove


White cup cake cases

Blue card


Glue stick

Small piece of yellow/orange card


Take 2 paper cases and fold them in 1/2

Cut the cases in half

Use 3 of them to make the body and wings of your dove

Arrange them on the card then glue into place

Fold the remaining 1/2 in 1/2 (1/4)

Add this to make the tail

Cut a small triangle for the beak from the orange/yellow card  and add to your dove

Use a pen to mark the dove’s eye

Peace posters 

This term we have been looking at peace and war. To finish our inquiry we had to 

make a poster on peace and explain what we had chosen to put on our poster and why.

Here are our posters. We all included an acrostic poem about peace and most of us

chose a symbol that represents the campaign against nuclear disarmament. We chose

this after hearing and watching the story of Sadako. Some of us also chose to put a dove

on our poster as this is also a symbol for peace.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Bridge Challenge - 2018 Manaiakalani film festival

In term three we studied structures. In room three our main structural focus was bridges. After finding out lots of information about the different types of bridges and there purpose our teacher set us three challenges. This movie shows us taking part in these challenges. 

We learnt a lot, not only about bridges but the importance of planning, working together and how sometimes however hard we try to achieve the goal it just doesn't work. 

 In our movie we had a newspaper bridge challenge. We referred back to what we had learnt about the structures of bridges and how the triangle shape makes a strong bridge. After planning a great design we discovered that although the bridge looked great on paper the real life bridge itself was not so great and shortly after filming our bridge collapsed. We believe this is when we learn the most.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Certificate of the Week

This weeks certificate was "for having an Amazing start "to the new term. The winner of room 3 was Tonga. Here he is with his certificate.

Matching number to items counted

This week the circles maths group were learning to count the correct number of bears or cubes to match the numeral given. They did a fantastic job! Here they are counting and matching.