Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Room 3 Term 2 Week 1 Winners

In room 3 we are all winners at our learning but here are some students who have achieved the top results this week.

completed set reading books to 100%

Gold - Zai lett

Silver - Hasna

Bronze - Roger & Shaun

Spelling vocabulary:
writing as many words as possible in 10 minutes

Gold - Kaysorn

Silver - Aron

Bronze - Zai lett

Maths equations:
writing as many equations as possible in 15 minutes

Gold -  Zai lett

Silver - Aileen

Bronze - Aron

Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to make a dove


White cup cake cases

Blue card


Glue stick

Small piece of yellow/orange card


Take 2 paper cases and fold them in 1/2

Cut the cases in half

Use 3 of them to make the body and wings of your dove

Arrange them on the card then glue into place

Fold the remaining 1/2 in 1/2 (1/4)

Add this to make the tail

Cut a small triangle for the beak from the orange/yellow card  and add to your dove

Use a pen to mark the dove’s eye

Peace posters 

This term we have been looking at peace and war. To finish our inquiry we had to 

make a poster on peace and explain what we had chosen to put on our poster and why.

Here are our posters. We all included an acrostic poem about peace and most of us

chose a symbol that represents the campaign against nuclear disarmament. We chose

this after hearing and watching the story of Sadako. Some of us also chose to put a dove

on our poster as this is also a symbol for peace.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Bridge Challenge - 2018 Manaiakalani film festival

In term three we studied structures. In room three our main structural focus was bridges. After finding out lots of information about the different types of bridges and there purpose our teacher set us three challenges. This movie shows us taking part in these challenges. 

We learnt a lot, not only about bridges but the importance of planning, working together and how sometimes however hard we try to achieve the goal it just doesn't work. 

 In our movie we had a newspaper bridge challenge. We referred back to what we had learnt about the structures of bridges and how the triangle shape makes a strong bridge. After planning a great design we discovered that although the bridge looked great on paper the real life bridge itself was not so great and shortly after filming our bridge collapsed. We believe this is when we learn the most.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Certificate of the Week

This weeks certificate was "for having an Amazing start "to the new term. The winner of room 3 was Tonga. Here he is with his certificate.

Matching number to items counted

This week the circles maths group were learning to count the correct number of bears or cubes to match the numeral given. They did a fantastic job! Here they are counting and matching.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Amazing writers

After being away from school during the holidays it sometimes takes a little while to get going again. This was not the case for Densyn and Nita as they produced their best writing of the year in class yesterday.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Treat day

It is the end of term three and we have been working very hard.

Our teacher is very proud of us and all the learning that we have

Achieved this term so we had treat day!

We had to make and prepare everything we had. Below are pictures

Of us making fruit kebabs. They were yum!


Thursday, September 27, 2018

Bridge Silhouette 

Yesterday as part of out topic on structures we had to paint a bridge silhouette. We had the choice of one bridge that would need to fill the whole paper or we could fold our paper into 4ths and draw a different bridge in each section. Here are our results.

My name is Keira and I chose to paint a silhouette of one bridge. It took a long time, all day!!

But I am very happy with how it looks.

Hi I am Ailima. I chose to fold my paper into 4ths and make 4 different bridges.

It was very tricky to make the water and the sky around my bridges. It took ALL DAY!

I love my picture and I’m taking it home for my mum.

Hi I am Lucas. My bridge has lights on the top for the cars to see.

I had lots of fun painting and drawing my bridge.

Hi I am David. I was the first to Finnish my picture. I was good at adding 

Detail to my picture with the small paint brush. I like my picture.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


In room 3 we have been looking at the attributes of a shape. For example corner, angle, side. We then had to use shapes to make a robot and record the shapes that we had used. Here are a few of our robots.