Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kryzel’s toy

We like Kryzel’s toy it makes a funny sound. It looks like lips and they are red.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Keira’s writing

When it was time to edit I had to turn the lower case into a capital because Australia is a country and at the beginning of a sentence there is suppose to be a capital. I put full stops so that Miss knows that my story is finished. I used a comma because I made a list. After reading my writing again I noticed I need to put "in" before the two at the beginning of my story.

Sisilia’s writing

Sisilia needed to fix up her t because we needed a capital letter because it was a country. Densyn put a full stop on the end because the sentence was finished. We liked sisilia’s story so we gave it a smiley face.

Densyn’s writing

I tried really hard to sound out my words and I was doing capital letters for the place names.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A fact about our brain

Did you know that if you put your fists together it is the size of your brain.

We tried to make Mayshar’s brain with play dough. It took a long time to try and make it look the same size. We then were put into pairs and we all got to make each other’s brain. In our class David has the biggest brain.

Flower pictures

In room 3 we made a flower picture to take home for someone special.

Lucas and his flower picture

My flower has 10 petals I only have 3 more to cover. I have to cover 5 with foil and 5 with paper.

Treat Day

In room 3 we have a marble jar and we receive marbles when everyone in the class is making a good choice. When the jar is full we get a treat day.
Activity One:

Making bread

First we had to add the ingredients. In these photos some of the girls are carefully measuring out the flour. 4 of the 1/4 cups filled the big cup.

Activity two:

Completing the farm set for us to use at wet play

We had to find our piece on the jigsaw and try to match the colours to make it look the same. When completed we will have a 3D farm set.

Activity three:

Fruit Kebabs

First we had to prepare the fruit and sort the marshmallows into pink and white. Then as a class we chose the order of the pattern of fruit the we had to add to our stick. When making our kebab we had to keeping looking at the one we had made together to make sure that it looked the same.

Activity four:

Making butter

To make the butter we added cream to a container with a lid and then all we had to do was to shake! Shake! Shake!

All that was left to do then was to enjoy the hot bread with our butter.

We’re hoping to fill our marble jar again soon so that we can have another treat day.