Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Making Numbers 1-20 using materials

In room three we have been looking at how to make a number in the range 1-20. First we had to choose a number and collect some blocks to make our number. We had to make our numbers in rows of five just like a ten frame. When we had made our number we could then use our new ipads to take a photo of our number and the blocks. Finally we shared our photos with a buddy and checked to see we had made our number correctly.

My Special Treasure

 McKenzy's special treasure is her pink bracelet. She likes it because it was given to her as a gift.
 Fala's special treasure is a picture of herself when she was little. It is special to her because it makes her remember that day.
 Aliyan's special treasure is his Zombie arm. He likes it because he likes to open and close it.
 Paul's special treasure is his family photo taken at sky tower. It is special to him because he had a good time at sky tower.
 Josh's special treasure is his Mickey mouse. It is special to him because it is his favourite toy.
 Laurence's special treasure is his dinosaur. It is special to him because he likes dinosaurs.
 Lance Ceezar's special treasure is his red car. It is special to him because it can go fast and it is red.
 Mercy's special treasure is her lego car. It is special to her because she made it herself out of lego.
 Ahli's special treasure is his toy blue train. It is special to him because it is his favourite toy and he really likes trains.
Akifa's special treasure is her diamond. It is special to her because it shines and can make rainbows in the sun.

Room 3's classroom treaty

After reading the book The Tree Hut Treaty Room 3 wanted to make their own classroom treaty. We wrote out the treaty together and then got into groups of 4 to design a waka and add a picture of themselves paddling the waka and agreeing to keep to the treaty rules.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Bat facts

Link to bat facts Echolocation Bats have fantastic hearing. To find their way in the night and into dark caves they use echolocation. This is when sounds that the bat makes bounce back off the trees and rocks letting the bat know where things are. Big ears for … Bats that have big ears eat insects like flies and mosquitoes. They have big ears ears so that they can locate their food using echolocation. Little ears for … Bats with little ears eat fruit and nectar which they can see easily and don’t need to use echolocation to find them. What flows in One direction? A bat can hang upside down for hours as his blood does not run to his head like us. A bat’s blood runs in one direction continuously.