Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Grumpy Bear

In room 3 we read a book called Grumpy Bear. After reading the book we wanted to know why bears go to sleep for such a long time. We have added this to the story.
We hope you enjoy our take of Grumpy Bear.


Chantal Millward said...

Bonjour Room 3
We liked the part where the bees chased the bear. It made me laugh. Why did you choose to read this book and make a movie?

From Room 1

Lydia said...

Kumusta Room 3.
I am from Room 7 @ TPS. I really enjoyed this movie as it made me laugh! This is a cool movie! Thanks.

Nasibah said...

Hey room 3, this is an amazing play i this clip looks really fascinating to be honest. You guys did an awesome job it probably might of took you a long time to put up the tent but you did a great job. Well done!
From: Pt England School

Chantal Millward said...

I really like the Grumpy bear!
I also know the story about grumpy bear.
Why did you choose the grumpy bear?

Charlize said...

Hello Room 3
I realy like this video and my brother is also in this.
How did you guys make ths up.
well done Room 3

Nyjah said...

Hi room 3!
Your post on grumpy bear looked very cool and tells us more then just a bear getting annoyed by other animals, it also tells us that bears hibernate and can teach others about it ! Keep it up room 3!

Mele said...

Kia Ora Room 3,Our class did a film festival too. The group of animals were very funny, even Grumpy Bear. I really like the costumes you used and the masks you made. I really like it how you said that you guys wanted to know why bears go for a sleep for too long.My Favourite part was when Grumpy bear kept on growling the animals off. Who was Grumpy Bear?
Amazing Film!

Sandra said...

HI Room 3 your movie was really good. Some of the kids did really well at some of the act they were doing.

How did you get the idear?
The group of animals were very funny. I liked it a lot.

Marieta said...

Hi Room 3,

I honestly love your movie. It w=is very cool. I like how it shows why the bear goes to sleep for a long time. Your coustumes were very cute. Did the grumpy bear get to eat.

Alex said...

Greetings Room 3
I really like your movie because it explains the mood swings that a bear can have when it's trying to hibernate, I also like how you all dressed up as different things that annoyed the bear. I have a question though, if you were the bear how would you feel if some random things started to annoy you just as you were going to sleep?
Great job on creating this!

Florence said...

Hi Room 3!
I like your movie because you used a lot of costumes. My class also did a movie it was called bad felling. My question is how long did it take to finish this movie?
Keep up the great filming - Florence

Sami said...

Kia Ora Room 3,
Amazing job done by you students. It was an interesting story about the grumpy bear. I don't get grumpy that often. For me,your movie was my favorite movie in the whole cluster. I loved the other movie as well yours had so much story behind it. How long did it take to make this movie?

Kane said...

Hi room 3
Good job on making your movie. I didn't watch your movies but I hope you enjoyed making your movie. Did you enjoy making your movie? did you put some hard work?

Mananui said...

I really like your movie because it explains the mood swings that a bear can have when i like it...

Mojtaba said...

I really liked this movie it was on of my favourite movie.I really like the part when the bees came that was funny.

Matthew said...

greetings room 3
This is a good blog post because it has a lot of work into it and i think you deserve it.

Malachi said...

WOW what a way to act it out yous are so cute kids nice acting your video is so great and stunning because the way yous guys act i can't believe it

Von said...

Hey room 3,

I'm Von a yr 8 student from St. Pius X Catholic School.

I really enjoyed watching your movie because the way you guys acted out the story was absolutely cute!. Anyway Great movie making!